Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Travel Tuesday- Connecticut and Massachusetts

Each week the kids study two States for school.  Their studies include the State abbreviation, capital, motto, nickname, flower, bird, song, flag and something interesting.  I play along with people from our family tree database.

This week’s States are:  Connecticut and Massachusetts

Connecticut- BREWSTER, MARKHAM (and how I came to be my own cousin)
Some descendents of William Brewster, of Mayflower fame and glory, settled in Connecticut.  Among them were William Brewster, 3rd great grandson of Mayflower Brewster.  William and his wife, Olive Morgan, had a daughter named Ruth Brewster who was born on 25 Oct 1764 in Lebanon, New London County, Connecticut.  Ruth married James Sherman and they were my 5th great grandparents.  Also in Lebanon, Ruth’s grandfather and great grandfather were buried.

Daniel Markham II, son of Deacon Daniel Markham, was both married in Hartford County, CT and died there.  His daughter, Phoebe, was born and married there.  His son, Israel, was also born and married there.  Phoebe daughter married Israel’s son, which makes me my own cousin.  They are my 6th great grandparents.

Massachusetts has too many to list out fully. I’ll just give you some of the surnames:

Carr, Doty, Markham, Soule, Whitmore and all their intermingling.

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