Tuesday, October 30, 2012

I Wrote a Book!

In August 2011, I visited my grandpa in Washington (State).  I took my Flip-Pal scanner and photo organizer boxes and we went through all his pictures that were literally in shoe boxes.  I organized them all in categories in the boxes after I scanned them and got each photo’s story from Grampa.

We sat at his kitchen table and while a photo scanned, he’d be telling me the story of the next photo.  I learned about his hometown, his snakebites, his nicknames, his college, his restaurants and everything in between.  I came home with over 500 photo scans and no plan to write a book.  Or plan at all, really.

I started writing website posts, but it then it started being a website all about Grampa.  And so I decided to try a book.  A little over a year later and I tried and did!  It’s here!  It’s been distributed to Grampa and aunts and uncles, so I can share now. 

With pride for my family, my Grampa, and his wonderful stories.


  1. Congratulations, Debbie! Did you use print-on-demand? Will it be available for purchase?

  2. I did do print-on-demand (Lulu) and it was so easy and actually very cheap. The purpose of the book is to share with family some of our genealogy and Grampa's stories, all mixed together. I doubt anyone but us would find it interesting! But I did it!!!! And it's big, too! Over 300 pages!!!

  3. Very cool! I have a gazillion letters between my grandparents during their courtship in 1917-1919 and I'm currently working on transcribing them. Once that's done, I'm thinking I'll put them in order so the letters go back and forth and publish them. Glad to hear it was easy and cheap to do. Congratulations!

  4. Congratulations Debbie! I am impressed ... and jealous. What a fantastic accomplishment. Way to go!