Monday, November 8, 2010

Mappy Monday - Washington State

Surprisingly, the only Washington State family I have is the family that is there now. However, I have corrected the place names in my database. I figure it will take me about 50 weeks to get the US corrected in my database and then I’ll move on to correcting the other countries!

Since that wasn’t very “genealogy-ey”, here is a cute newspaper article from Russell, Lucas County, IA, USA:

Monday was the 58th wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. William Conner and in the evening relatives gathered at their home to help them celebrate the occasion. Those present besides the honored couple, were Mr. and Mrs. Albert Conner, of South Dakota, Mr. and Mrs. Asa Price, Mrs. Russell Price and children, Mr. and Mrs. Neil Pierce and three children, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Price and two daughters, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Brazil, Mrs. Emma Price and daughter Myrtle and Mrs. Ethel Thomas and daughter, Patty.

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