Tuesday, November 23, 2010

More Conner

I have been sending my dad and my aunt the things I've been finding on the Conner and Konst sides of our family and my aunt asked me to send to my grandfather. For some reason, it's easy for me to attach things and forward them in email, but when it comes to printing and mailing, that makes it too "complete" and I'm never willing to get that far. Plus, I couldn't bog Grampa down with random pictures and articles- I had to put it together for him.

Rather than never get around to it, I just did it. I spent a day writing, a day typing, a day attaching and researching and now have a booklet for the family. It's 8 pages of writing with pictures and then all the actual vital records and findings at the end. I still have to proof read it (I constantly put the "t" on the end of one word and then have the word "he" randomly throughout- spell check takes care of the "t" issue, but not the "he"). Then I'll print copies for the family who will be here for Thanksgiving and the weekend. I'll mail Grampa's copy today, too.

It's not DONE done. But it's a fun start.

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