Saturday, November 20, 2010

Surname Saturday - Conner (still)

I'm still stuck on my Conners. Not "stuck" as in can't get anywhere, but "stuck" as in I can't seem to not keep finding things to keep me busy with them. Last night while wasting time before a meeting, I sat in a restaruant and decided to write a story about the immigrant ancestory. I thought if I wrote it out, I'd see what was missing and what would make his life more complete (to me- I'm sure it was plenty complete to him). As I wrote, I realized that I needed more HISTORY in it.

I quickly Googled a few things on the Blackberry and found about 407 sites that I need to read all about the Scottish mining industry. I really wanted to finish my US research before moving overseas to Scotland, but in telling his story, I sort of feel like I need the end and the beginning in order to get to the middle.

So first thing this moring I sucked it up and got 30 credits on Scotland's People for L6. I've no idea if I just spent $5, $7 or $5,066. But it doesn't matter, as I now have some cool new toys.

For instance, while Thomas' son's (my 2nd great grandpa) birthrecord didn't feature any new information, it HAS HIS MOM'S "X" ON IT. She made that X. I have now run my finger over that X 407 times and X is my new favorite letter. Grandma made that X.

I then ordered Thomas and Janet's marriage record (6 credits total). More "X"s!!!! Heaven, I tell you. More heavenly? Confirmation that his dad was William. Even more? His mom was Jane Simpson. More? Janet's parents were William Mason and Agnes Alexander. Grandpas William were iron stone (something- I can't read the word yet- could be miner, but could be something else- have to research). Also learned they were in Maryhill and I have an address.

Next steps? Research. And, please help, people. Was it common in Scotland in 1861 to live together before marriage? They have the same address. And she was 8 months pregnant at the time of marriage.

Oh, and sorry Conner family, but we shouldn't be Conner. We should be Connor. Everything spells it Connor in Scotland...

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