Saturday, June 11, 2011

52 Weeks of Personal Genealogy & History - Clothing

Week 24. Clothes.

It’s amazing how styles have changed since I was born in 1967.  I remember rompers and granny dresses.  Lot’s of flow-ey garments and big flowery patterns.  I particularly remember a special pair of bell bottom pants.  They were white with big flowers all over them. 

Sadly, bell bottoms + bike spokes = cut-off shorts.  I can still picture that that sad day with Mom coming at me with giant scissors as I cried and whined, while pinned to my bicycle by the enormous pieces of material at the bottom of my pants.

I also remember the long granny dresses with patterns and bows.  I think they were easy to sew, as I had many of them that my family made for me.  My cousin and I would frolic around on holidays in granny dresses that didn’t exactly match, but were granny enough so that we were sure we were attired in coordinating high fashion.

As I came to my pre-teen years, the fashion turned to Ditto jeans with satin jackets and gaucho pants with butterfly tops.  I dabbled in those fashions briefly before finding my niche in the punk rock realm of fashion.  I remained dressed by thrift stores and found clothing (almost everything black) until suddenly I found myself working a professional job wearing professional clothing. 

And now I sport what I deem 40-something Mom Wear.  Pants, a shirt and some comfortable shoes.  Details don’t matter as long as I’m:  a) adequately covered; b) comfortable.  Not necessarily in that order.  No clue how it happened.

Here are some Snapshots Through the Ages:

You know it's the '70s when you are excited about the poncho you got for Christmas.

Granny dress example.  I believe this was first day of Kindergarten.

Cindy and I posing in our Fancy Pants

Overalls?  Really?  Come on...

Bandana around the neck?  Really?  Come on...

Graduation from high school.  Wore a hat to cover up the shaved head.

Soon after we met.  (how can it be almost 30 years ago???)

Our 1 year anniversary.  August 1989.

2010 Christmas at Disneyland

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  1. OMG, I loved Ditto jeans! Thanks for the trip down memory lane.