Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wednesday's Child: Celia Sylvesta Price

Bardolph Cemetery, Macomb Township, McDonough County, IL
Price, Celia
d: 14 Nov 1865 age 4 yr 11 da

I first heard of Celia from notes that my dad got from his grandmother, Ann Konst.  Ann was daughter-in-law to Harriet Price, who was sister to Celia, born three years after Celia died. 

Celia has always fascinated me because, a) she was still very much remembered despite her short life; b) she was born while her father was in the Civil War and before her parents were married; c) she is buried with a number of her Markham relatives, which would be on her mom's side (Emmaline Markham). 

I think a lot happened in little Celia's life and it must have been hard for Emmaline to not only leave her family to move with her husband after the war, but to leave her child's grave.   It makes me happy that I, 146 years later, remember that little girl.

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