Monday, June 13, 2011

Motivation Monday: Check on Goals

1. Write up what I know of John Shelton.- Not done yet. 
2. Write up what I know about Laura Wilkinson.- Check.
3. Write up what I know about William Mason Conner.- Still working on it.
4. Fill in some blanks about Thomas Conner.- Still working on it.
5. Write the Mariani history as I know it.- Still working on it.  Heavily.  This is my focus right now.  I have 2 chapters of book 2 done.
6. Source all of the above.- I’m sourcing as I go.  Easier that way.
7. Begin a family newsletter for descendents of William Mason Conner.- Began a Facebook page and designed the format of the newsletter, but I won’t do the first newsletter until the book is done. (see #3)
8. Find descendents of William Mason Conner.- found some on Facebook and sent emails on others.  Next is regular mail.
9. Teach a home school class on family history for young children.- planned out and just waiting for the Fall.
10. Toss all of the above to 2012's list when I find something really exciting on some other line that wasn't on The List.- Check!  Exactly what I did when I spent the weekend learning and writing about my grandfather and the Civilian Conservation Corps.


  1. Hey Debbie, what's the link to the Facebook Fan Page (#7)? I'd like to see what you've done with it. I've been toying with the idea of a newsletter, but a fan page might be better.

  2. Here is the link, Tonia. Sadly, a lot of my family are new to FB and they haven't figured out the "like" part, so they just check back. LOL!/pages/William-Mason-Conner-Family-Page/171888472864483