Tuesday, June 28, 2011

52 Weeks of Personal Genealogy & History Neighbors

My childhood was filled with moves and with living on wide-open spaces.  Neighbors then were basically anyone you saw at least once a week.  Now it’s the people on my street.  Back then, I count neighbors as those I went to school with.  I still see most of them and we’ve remained friends through the years.  I did live in a city for a year and my across the street neighbor/best friend and I hooked back up a year or so ago.  So, yes, I still am close with old neighbors.

Now things are different.  At least in our new neighborhood.  In our new neighborhood (we moved about 2 years ago), we know only our next door neighbors and only in a “will you feed my dog while we’re gone” sort of way.  They are super nice but we just wave.

Our old neighborhood on the other hand was more like the village that takes care of each other.  We were all (and still are) family not neighbors.  I miss that.

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