Sunday, June 5, 2011

Birthday Letter from Gramma

July 22, 1971

My Dear Debbie

Today you are four years old.  What a happy day it must be for you.  I will miss being with you for this birthday, the first one I have missed by it is probably the beginning of many I will miss.  But I will think of you on your day.

Honey, I will always remember when I lived with you and how you "took care of me" for Grandpa.  Remember you always got me my stool- sat in my chair with me and watched our programs. How we always took a nap together and when I called Grnadpa you always said- "Grandma just tell him the good things".  Honey, all I knew were good things to tell him about you.

Now you are a big girl - 4 years old.  You are growing up so fast pretty soon maybe you can get on an airplane alone and come and take care of me some more.

I love you very much and hope y our birthday is happy.  I miss you too.

Be a good girl.


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