Friday, June 3, 2011

The NOT 106th Carnival of Genealogy: Swimsuit Edition

I haven't yet figured out this Carnival of Genealogy thing and it seems that by the time I figure out it's happening, it's too late to post.  But I love these pictures, so I'm posting anyway.

My husband’s grandmother, Olive Silveira Jarone, is the only person in our family, myself included, who has several pictures that were taken at the beach.  I’m posting my three favorites:

Left to Right:  1) Olive Silveira Jarone; 2) Olive’s mother, Mary (maiden name is either Miranda, Coelho or Frates- I’ve several documents each with a different surname); 3) Olive’s sister, May.

Olive and her handsome husband, Carl Jarone, my husband’s grandparents

Olive and her beautiful sister, May.

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