Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Tombstone Tuesday – Konst

I played with Find-A-Grave the other day and found a number of my Konst family members.  I took the time to place notes and/or obituaries on their sites for anyone else who may notice them.

From the Midland Cemetery, Midland, Haakon County, South Dakota:
Konst, Anthony- my great, great grandfather
Konst, Elizabeth- my great, great grandmother (wife to Anthony)
Konst, Clem- my great grandmother’s brother
Konst, Alice- Clem’s wife

From Saint Mary’s Cemetery, North Washington, Chickasaw County, Iowa:
Konst, Anna- my 3rd great grandmother, married to Henry

From the Masonic Cemetery, Philip, Haakon County, South Dakota
Konst, Henry B.- my great grandmother’s brother
Konst, Ora- wife to Henry
Konst, Clara- infant daughter of Henry and Ora

From the Calvary Cemetery, Alta Vista, Chickasaw County, Iowa
Konst, Henry- my 3rd great grandfather

From unknown cemetery:
Konst, Anna Marie Reckner- 2nd wife of my 3rd great grandfather, Henry Konst

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  1. Debbie,

    Great idea attaching Find-A-Grave hyperlinks to each of your ancestor's names. I may use this same technique in my blog posts. I was suprised to see Calvary Cemetery in your list. That is until I read further and saw Iowa. My great grandparents are buried in Calvary Cemetery in Salinas, California.